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    for parcel deliveries by delivery drones

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How WIN-PORT works:

The advantages


  • a modern solution for the upcoming revolution in logistics
  • connects the home of the future with the logistics of the future


  • comfortable use at any time
  • easy to set up
  • receive and dispatch packages directly to and from the window


  • environmentally sustainable due to Cleantech
  • energy saving and resource saving
  • key data for the Smart Cities


Winners of the nationwide competition start2grow 37

Top Team StartUP InnoLab 2018

We want to take drones out of the lab and into the air.

Andreas Scheuer
Former Federal Transport Minister GE

Delivery Drones will be as common as seeing a mail truck.

Jeff Bezos
CEO Amazon

Delivery drones will mean the end of ownership.

Astro Teller
Captain of Moonshots, Google X

Medication could be delivered within 8 minutes.

About the drones test program