> WIN-PORT for delivery drones
  • The innovative solution for receiving and distribution

    of packages by delivery drones.
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How WIN-PORT works:

The advantages


  • a modern solution for the upcoming revolution in logistics
  • protected invention
  • important interface for the internet of things


  • comfortable use at any time
  • easy to set up
  • receive and dispatch packages directly to and from the window


  • environmentally sustainable due to Cleantech
  • energy saving and resource saving
  • high safety standards

Drones are the future. We have to make such innovations marketable!

Brigitte Zypries
Federal economics minister of Germany

Delivery Drones will be as common as seeing a mail truck.

Jeff Bezos
Amazon Founder

Delivery drones will mean the end of ownership.

Astro Teller
Captain of Moonshots, Google X, Alphabet’s innovation lab

Urgent medication or short-term sports articles could be delivered within eight minutes.

DHL about the current delivery drones test program